SAP HANA Training in Bangalore

Best SAP HANA Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore

SAP HANA Training in Bangalore

Prathima Infotech provides real-time and placement oriented SAP HANA Training in Marathalli, Bangalore. Our SAP HANA Training course includes basic to advanced level and our SAP HANA Training course is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in Bangalore as soon as you complete the SAP HANA Training in Bangalore from our institute.

Our SAP HANA Training in Bangalore trainers are certified in SAP HANA Training in Bangalore technology and are experienced working professionals with hands-on real-time SAP HANA Training in Bangalore project exposure. We have designed our SAP HANA Training in Bangalore course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our SAP HANA Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore training program, you will learn all the advanced concepts based on real-time scenarios we provide job oriented  SAP HANA Training in Bangalore placement training.

Prathima Infotech offers SAP HANA Training in Bangalore training with choice of multiple training locations across Bangalore. Our SAP HANA Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore training centers are well equipped with advanced lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. We also provide  SAP HANA Training in Bangalore certification training. Through our associated SAP HANA Training in Bangalore training centers, we have trained more than 500+ students and provided placement. Our SAP HANA Training in Bangalore training course fee is value for money and tailor-made course fee based on the each student's training requirements. SAP HANA Training in Bangalore which provides the training course in Bangalore is flexible to meet students’ needs and conducted on daytime classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast-track training classes.

Prathima Infotech provides real-time SAP HANA training in Bangalore. We Provide 100% Placement Assistance and ensures that each and every student gets all kind of support from us.

SAP HANA Training Course Content

  1. Introduction

History and Fundamentals of Data-warehousing in Depth.

Star Schema And Extended Star Schema Techniques.

Clear picture on OLTP and OLAP systems.


Introduction to SAP-ABAP

ABAP programming Basics & Fundamentals of DDIC

Understanding the ABAP Function modules and BAPIs

Creating RFC Destinations & Remote Function Calls


Introduction to SAP BW


Non-Cumulative Key figures

Navigational Attributes

Master data Load ( Attributes, Texts and Hierarchies)

InfoCubes & DSOs

Infosets, Multi Providers & Virtual Providers

Generic Extraction ( Using DB Views & Function Modules)

Generic Delta

LOC Extraction

Clear insight on V1,V2 & V3 Updates

Delta Queue Monitoring

Datasource Enhancement using BADI and User Exits

Job Scheduling In Detail & Job monitoring in ECC

Job Triggering Techniques

Process Chain Creation

Scheduling & Monitoring Process Chains

Error Handling in Process Chains

Compression & Aggregation

BEx Query Designer

Calculated & Restricted Key Figures

Formulas ,Variables & Exceptions

Filters and Conditions

BEx Analyzer & BEx Web analyzer.

BEx reporting In depth.

Roles & Authorizations

Introduction to SAP HANA

SAP In-Memory Strategy

HANA compare to BW


Architecture Overview

IMCE and Surroundings (In memory Computing Engine)

Row Store & Column Store

Installation and deployment scenarios


Introduction to HANA Studio

HANA Administration Prospective

Modeler Prospective

System monitoring.

LT (Landscape Transformation) OR Trigger Based Replication

Remote Function Calls

Creating RFC Destinations in SAP ABAP

Replicating SAP tables from OLTP Server using Trigger based Replication

Real time Replication

Job Scheduling and monitoring.

Parallel and Multi-Thread processing.

SQL Scripts

Data Types

Table Creation, Modification, Updating and Deletion operations.

SQL Select Statements

Joins and Unions

String Operations

Stored procedures

CE (Calculation Engine) Functions.

Aggregations and lot more.


Applying star schema technique in SAP HANA

Attribute Views

Calculated Columns


Time Data Generation

Analytic Views

Variables & Input Parameters

Calculated & Restricted Columns

Currency & Quantity Conversions

Calculation Views

Star Joins, Cubes & Dimensions

SQL Script based Views

Calculation Engine Functions Depth.

HANA -ETL Replication Methodology

BODS (Business Object Data services)

HANA As a Central Repository

JDBC & ODBC connectivity.

Replicating data from SAP OLTP Server Using BODS

Replicating data from Flat File Source systems

Replicating data from BI System

Backward replication technique.

Bulk Load & Scheduling

Extracting ECC data using BW Extractors

Scheduling Stored Procedures

Working with HANA on BW Platform

BI and BODS connectivity

Data Extraction form SAP BW into Hana-Server using BODS

Reporting on BW Infocubes using Dashboards

Transformations using BODS

Merge Transform

Pivot & Reverse Pivot Transformations

SQL Transformation

Key Generation Transform

Validation Transform

Case Transform

Business Objects CMC & Information Design Tool

Creating Repository

Relational Database & OLAP Connections

Working with Universes

Creation of Project & Data Foundation to Build the Universe

Creating Data Services Repository User

Xcelsius / SAP BO Dashboards

Consuming BEx Query

Consuming an Universe to Design a Dashboard

Working With TABs

Working with Workbook

Visualizing the data in Charts

Using Selectors

SAP HANA Reporting Using MS Excel


Creating ODBC Connection

Reporting Fundamentals

Using Filters and Hierarchies

Graphical Reporting

Advanced Reporting Techniques.

Reporting Using Business Object Explorer 4.0

Creating HANA Source Systems

Managing Info-Spaces

Geographical Reporting

Time based reporting

Hierarchical Reporting

Configuring & Indexing the Views

Creating Exploration Viewset

Creating URLs for Web-based Reporting

Reporting with BOEx in Depth

Crystal Reports with SAP HANA

Creating Relational Database Connection

Reporting on HANA tables

Reporting on HANA Views

Reporting on Stored Procedures


End – To –End implementation Scenario

Introduction to SAP HANA DXC (Direct Extractor Connection)

HANA as a Source System Via DB connect

Concept of HANA optimized DSOs

HANA optimized InfoCubes

Migrating DSOs & Info Cubes to HDB


Backup and Recovery


End – To – End  Implementation Scenario

The ADBC connection

Creating External Views on HANA

Working & consuming  Stored procedures on ABAP


Creating Interfaces and & Proxy Classes to Communicate with SPs

Optimizing ABAP reports Using HANA (Live Scenario)

Software Development on SAP HANA

SAP HANA XS engine

Deploying Java Script based Application on HANA

SAP HANA with Odata Services

SAP HANA UI5 based Development

HANA Administration

Creating Users

Assigning Roles


Backup and Recovery

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